Thoughts for Year-End, Events in 2023

January 1, 2023

2023 is a pivotal year for us. We have both an opportunity and a need to determine the future of the Family Business Association of Vancouver Island.

This year, we need you to get involved in a few ways.

We will be hosting town halls for members, virtual and in-person, to present scenarios including pricing to you for the future of FBA VI and get your advice. This is the year to get involved.

I know how many smart and accomplished business leaders and advisors there are in our association. We need your smarts and expertise to help us shape the future. Continue to reading to see what we have planned.

Yours in business success,

Barbara Quinn

Executive Director, FBA VI.

Awards Received by your Fellow Businesses

Here’s a look at 2022 Awards some of our Members Received

This is not a complete list by any means. We ask that any members who win awards write us a note to let us know. We all want to congratulate you and celebrate your well-earned success! See all our members here>>

Proline Management, a long-time member of our association, won the 2022 Capital Region Commercial Building Award presented by UDI Capital Region.

Butler Concrete & Aggregate, a long-time member of our Association is proud to announce that their team member Danielle Nellestyn won the Command Alkon award for Outstanding Woman in Heavy Construction.

Serenity Home Care and active member since 2016 won the National Mature Media Meric Award for their new website.

Message from the President, Douglas J. Wittich

Keep your minds fresh.

As a family business, we are often challenged with limited outside influences and if it wasn’t for the like-minded FBA members, we would have no uplifting conversations that wouldn’t require an explanation.

FBA has a new and vibrant Executive Director that has had an immediate impact on our association.

With new members and new sponsors, 2023 will be a great year for all our members.

We thought Covid was challenging, and now we all face a different future with universal staff shortages, skill sets that don’t measure up to past applicants and now confronted with creating a culture in which applicants would be interested in being a part of.

On boarding (not a term I knew until two years ago) programs are now required to increase the chance of keeping an employee for the long term. This process comes at a cost but so does losing employees after a short time with your company. What is the solution? How can we pivot mid stride? Who can we talk to?

We need ideas in which we can implement to combat the new world of business. Who better to take this journey with than your cohorts within family business?

Use FBA seminars to give you a fresh outlook on your business. Use these seminars as a method of including key staff and clients so you can all grow together.

Support the FBA as we do the hard work of providing you with the opportunity to learn, pivot and improve your company as well as your health. Stress is not a requirement for success.

It’s a new year! Reach out and be involved with the only association that could possibly understand the challenges that face you as a family business.

We can help make you stronger in 2023.

Douglas J. Wittich

FBA President

Upcoming Events

To continue growing our association, we ask that all members reach out into their network and invite another family-owned business to attend one of our events. They can register as a guest as part of your registration. See all events here>>

1. What the Next Generation Wants You to Know

Tuesday, January 10th 8-930am. Coast Victoria Hotel and Marina, 146 Kingston Street, Victoria BC

Too often the first generation of owners do not really understand what is on the minds and in the hearts of their children, those who work for the business and those who choose not to.

This will be a panel that includes:

  • Eric Findlay, 4th generation and current CEO Andrew Sheret Ltd
  • Erin Boggs, 2nd generation and current CEO Robinsons Outdoor Stores
  • Tai Orser – 2nd generation of The Root Cellar and currently working in the business.

If you’re just beginning transition or even if you have completed the transition, this session will provide lasting insights that you can put into practice.

Free for Members. Non-Members $25. Register now>>

Please consider sponsoring some of your partners, clients and staff by buying them non-member tickets at $25.00. Just email us and we will make it happen! We just need names and emails.

We advise not to try parking on the street where it says “residential parking”  as they do ticket this street. There’s plenty of parking in the Coast Hotel’s parking garage.

2. February Round Tables on the Future of FBA – Bring Your Wisdom and Insights

Members, please choose to register for one of these three round tables:

  • Virtual February 16th, 2023, noon –1PM
  • In Person February 23rd, 2023, 4–5 PM  McCall Gardens- 4665 Falaise Dr, Victoria, BC
  • Virtual March 7th noon –1PM. Choose here>>

3. Titan Boats Business Tour

Thursday March 2nd, 2023, 5:30-7:30pm, Titan Shipyards, Sidney BC

Our first ever family business tour! Exclusive to members. We are hosting the first family business tour where we will have the opportunity to get up close and learn about the amazing world of manufacturing serious boats courtesy of our member Titan Boats. These are not ordinary boats. They are built for the heroes that save lives. Titan Boats is the result of over 20 years of dedication to developing the finest vessels of their type. The company has expanded its production line to include conventional aluminum vessels utilizing a modified hull form developed from successful principles of the Titan Rigid Hull Inflatables. Through its line of aluminum boats, the company has been steadily building a reputation for performance combined with a commitment to exceptional quality. Register now>>

Coming in 2023...

4. That's Just Crazy Talk - Keynote by Victoria Maxwell 

April 25th 2023, 5-8 PM - Strathcona Hotel, Wicket Hall, 919 Douglas St, Victoria, BC

Sponsored by CIBC Wood Gundy and Private Wealth

Victoria Maxwell is a sought-after international (and funny) keynote speaker, performing artist and workshop leader. She uses her personal story of recovery from mental illness to increase awareness, transform negative beliefs and ignite powerful conversations about mental health in the workplace and in family and business.

Blending 30 years as an actor, and 15 as a wellness warrior, Victoria inspires people to take immediate action to improve their well-being. Prior to her diagnosis, Victoria was an actress during the 90’s, playing small roles opposite actors such as X-Files’ David Duchovny, John Travolta and Johnny Depp. She’s blogged for Psychology Today for over 8 years.

While her story is her own, the messages are universal. Even the most veteran of conference delegates are energized and enlightened by her keynotes and workshops. The Mental Health Commission of Canada has endorsed her one-of-a-kind keynote performances as one of the top anti-stigma interventions that creates lasting shifts. Registration coming soon.

If you are interested in participating in sponsorship for this event, please email us.  

5. Scaling Up Summit: Raising Capital, Mergers and Acquisitions, Going to Global Markets

May 24, 2023, 5-7:30 PM. Location to be Determined.

Sponsored by BMO Private Wealth

Please put this date in your calendars. It’s not to be missed.

This session is specifically designed for our members, both family-owned companies and advisors. It will be an in-depth session with insights and expert advice on how to scale up in today’s world. Real life examples and case studies will provide us with the essential steps to grow using a range of strategies from raising capital, to pursuing Mergers and Acquisitions as well as accelerating access to global markets. Registration coming soon.

6. June 2023 – Family Day at FBA

We are planning a Saturday family day outing to Bilston Creek Farm. All members are welcome to bring their families and extended families for a special day to celebrate and experience the beautiful surroundings. As their website says: We create beautiful experiences and craft natural products for face, body, kitchen and home. Our entire collection is made on our farm with our own lavender, apples and honey, locally foraged botanicals, and thoughtfully sourced ingredients. Registration coming soon.

Questions? Drop us a line. You can also look over the website for more details.

Happy New Year from the FBA Team

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